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Dear Michele



This Is In Memory Of You 





I'll never forget you, Michele. Still love you so much. Thanks for all you given. Sometimes i can't sleep, 'cause the tragedy's running in my dreams. You died for me. You've taught me so much. I'll never forget our evenig in Chicago for the rest of my life. You'll be always in my mind and in my heart. One day I'll be knocking on heavens door, and we'll see us again.



With Love,








* Born: 1949 / 7 / 17


† Died: 2001 / 9 / 11














~ † ~ R.I.P. ~ † ~ 



The 6th entry is me. It still hurts so much




Memorial Site Of Michele Heidenberger









AA11 - WTC 1
UA175 - WTC 2
AA77 - Pentagon (Michele)
UA93 - Shanksville - Let's Roll



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